New Balance Football Releases Limited Edition Furon 3.0 Boots

Today New Balance Football has unveiled its latest Limited Edition boot in the Furon 3.0 range, the Furon Flare. The Furon Flare comes in a Silver / Black / Alpha Pink color scheme, with striking TPU contrast N logo and printed heel graphic for strikers that want to be noticed.

Furon 3.0 is for players that step onto the pitch for a single, momentous opportunity, defining the outcome of a game by devastating the opposition’s defence. Furon players see their moment to react to what is going on around them before others do, using their skills, blazing acceleration and devastating strike accuracy to produce quality on the ball in critical moments. Everton forward Kevin Mirallas and Sevilla winger Jesús Navas will wear the Furon Flare in their upcoming fixtures.

Engineered with a color shift lightweight TPU/Polyester mesh upper for explosive power and ball feel, the Furon Flare delivers increased durability, structure and support around the foot, provided by the Fantom Fit selective melt process. A data designed REVlite foam insert provides directional in-boot traction, targeted for acceleration motions and cushioning.

“The Furon Flare is a striking iteration of our Furon 3.0 range. The colour scheme throughout the upper and soleplate gives it a really sleek and stylish look. This will be an unmissable boot so we can’t wait to see the impact it has when it hits the pitch.”

– Richard Wright, General Manager of New Balance Football.

The Furon Flare will be available in limited quantities globally from 6th October 2017 and from (US residents) and (UK residents).